Fábio C. C. Meneghetti

PhD Candidate at IMECC (Unicamp)

A pixelated picture of me.

Hey there! I am a grad student of Mathematics, currently investigating the geometry within information theory. Current themes of research:

Following MSC2020, these are roughly translated {94A17, 53B12, 94A15}.


Information Properties of a Random Variable Decomposition through Lattices F. C. C. Meneghetti, H. K. Miyamoto, S. I. R. Costa 2022 — MaxEnt2022doi arXiv
The Fisher-Rao Loss for Learning under Label Noise H. K. Miyamoto, F. C. C. Meneghetti, S. I. R. Costa 2022 — Information Geometrydoi arXiv
Reticulados: um estudo de alguns parâmetros relevantes para aplicações em criptografia F. C. C. Meneghetti 2020 — Master's DissertationPDF

Other works